Before buying Cotman watercolor tubes, it’s important to know the following:

Cotman watercolor

Before buying Cotman watercolor tubes, it’s important to know the following:

When looking for high-quality, reasonably priced paint, artists of all ability levels might consider Cotman watercolors. These paints are produced by the respected art supply company Winsor & Newton and are meant to be user-friendly while yet providing brilliant, powerful colors. Cotman watercolors are highly pigmented and come in a variety of hues, making them ideal for a wide range of painting styles. They are also more affordable than some other premium watercolor brands, making them available to beginners and students. But before clicking the buy button, you should consider the following things:

1. Quality:

  • Since Cotman watercolour tubes are marketed for students, their pigmentation and lightfastness might not be as excellent as those of professional-grade watercolours.
  • However, many artists discover that the pricing is more reasonable and the quality still meets their requirements.
  • Cotman Watercolors use fine art pigments with a lower pigment level than the Professional Watercolor range, making them more economical without sacrificing quality.
  • Cotman Watercolour offers artists the assurance expected from a premium watercolour line, with ratings of AA and A for Excellent and Good lightfastness.
  • The translucent nature of Cotman Watercolors, which were created to produce uniform consistency, makes them perfect for novice users.

Cotman watercolor

2. Color Selection:

When selecting colors for your Cotman watercolor set, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Color Range: Cotman watercolors come in a wide range of colors. Make sure to check the color chart to see which colors are available in the size you prefer.
  • Color Mixing: Consider the colors you will need for color mixing. Some basic colors like primary colors, earth colors are good to start with.
  • Essential Colors: Start with a selection of essential colors like Cadmium Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Sienna, and Viridian, then you can expand your palette with other colors as you progress.
  • Personal Preference: Think about the types of paintings or projects you will be working on and choose colors that match your personal style and preferences.
  • Lightfastness: Some colors are more lightfast than others, meaning they will retain their color better over time. Lightfastness is especially important for artists who want to sell their work or display it in a gallery setting.

Cotman watercolor

4. Size selection:

Cotman water color tubes come in a variety of sizes, from small 5ml tubes to large 37ml tubes. The size you choose will depend on your needs and the types of projects you will be working on.

  • Smaller tubes (5ml to 14ml) are ideal for travelling or for experimenting with different colours without buying a lot at once.
  • For the majority of artists, medium-sized tubes (14 ml or 21 ml) are a suitable choice since they strike a fair compromise between price and quantity.
  • Artists who use a lot of paint or who intend to combine a lot of paint should use large tubes (37ml).

It’s important to consider how much paint you will need for your projects and choose the appropriate size accordingly.

5. Lightfastness of cotman watercolor:

The capacity of a colour to keep its original hue over time without fading is known as lightfastness. Since Cotman watercolour tubes are intended for students, they might not be as lightfast as watercolours made for professionals. However, Winsor & Newton goes considerable distance to ensure that its pigments are lightfast.

It’s vital to keep in mind that not all colours are equally lightfast; some have a tendency to be more so. Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber, for instance, are recognised to be more lightfast than other earth tones. Before making a purchase, you can verify the lightfastness rating provided by Winsor & Newton for each colour on their website.

It’s crucial to take the lightfastness of your chosen colours into account if you intend to sell your artwork or exhibit it in a gallery.

Cotman watercolor

3. Difference between Cotman watercolors Tubes V/S Pans:

Cotman water colors are available in both tubes and pans. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Tubes are more adaptable since you can squeeze out tiny or big volumes, giving you more control over how much paint is used.
  • However, they can be messier to handle and may not be as easy for painting on location.
  • They are also preferable for mixing bigger amounts of paint or for producing a pallet of colours.

  • Pans are more practical for painting on location because they are portable and small, and using them is less messy because the paint is already solid.
  •  However, because it might be challenging to mix or regulate the amount of paint used, they might not be as adaptable as tubes.

In the end, your own tastes and the tasks you’ll be working on will determine whether you should use tubes or pans. Pans might be more practical if you intend to paint outside. Tubes may be a preferable choice if you want greater control over the amount of paint used or if you intend to combine big amounts of paint.

6. Cotman VS Winsor & Newton’s professional line of watercolors:

Winsor & Newton’s Cotman line and professional line of watercolors are different in terms of pigmentation, lightfastness and price.

  • Pigmentation: Professional-grade watercolors typically have a higher pigmentation than student-grade watercolors, which means they have a stronger and more vibrant color. Creating more intense colors and require less paint to achieve the same level of color.
  • Lightfastness: Professional-grade watercolors are also more lightfast than student-grade watercolors, meaning they will retain their color better over time.
  • Price: Professional-grade watercolors are generally more expensive than student-grade watercolors, due to the higher pigmentation and lightfastness.
  • Color Range: Professional-grade watercolors generally have a wider range of colors and more pigments, which can make them more versatile than student-grade watercolors.
  • Size: Professional-grade watercolors generally come in a smaller size than student-grade watercolors.

Overall, the choice between Winsor & Newton’s Cotman line and professional line of watercolors will depend on your needs and preferences as an artist. If you are a beginner or working on a budget, the Cotman line may be a better option. If you are an experienced artist and looking for a more high-quality, lightfast and professional paints, the professional line may be a better choice.

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