How to distinguish between fake prismacolor V/S original prismacolor pencil?

Prismacolor Colored Pencils

How to distinguish between fake prismacolor V/S original prismacolor pencil?

Videos, product reviews, and worried comments regarding customers who believe they have gotten a set of fake Prismacolor pencils are widely available online.

Although there seems to be a lot of alarm about fake Prismacolor pencils being sold and many worried customers fearing they would receive a fake set, it is difficult to locate concrete proof that these fake sets do exist.

Here are some methods to identify fraudulent Prismacolor pencils so you can be sure you spend your money wisely and purchase genuine Prismacolor:

  1. Check the packaging: Original Prismacolor pencils will have a specific packaging design, including the Prismacolor logo and branding. If the packaging looks different or is missing important information, it may be a fake.
  2. Inspect the pencils: Original Prismacolor pencils will have a smooth, consistent lead. Fake pencils may have rough or uneven lead, or may break easily. Additionally, the pencil’s barrel should be smooth and free of defects, with the name of the color and the brand name printed clearly.
  3. Compare the price: Original Prismacolor pencils can be more expensive than other brands, if you find the pencils at a very low price it’s likely they are fake.
  4. Check the color: Prismacolor pencils are known for their rich, vibrant colors. Compare the colors of the pencils in question to a set of original Prismacolor pencils. If the colors are dull or inconsistent, they may be fake.
  5. Check the authenticity: Look for the authenticity label on the original Prismacolor pencils, this usually can be found on the packaging or on the pencils themselves, it’s a way to make sure that the product is from the official manufacturer.
  6. Check the size and branding: Pencil will have the prismacolor branding text inline in the whole range, with its color code number being mentioned at the top. If the prismacolor text on the pencil is not aligned and color codes are missing its a fake one.
  7. Pencil thickness: The cores on the counterfeits are smaller and off center.

It’s important to note that even if a set of pencils appears to be authentic, it’s possible that some of the pencils within the set may be counterfeit. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to purchase from a reputable dealer or art supply store.

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